Skin Lightening Cream – Touch of Beauty

The skin lightening cream is known by different names. Some people call it bleaching cream since it gets rid of the original color of your skin and gives you a lighter one. Others simply call it as a whitener. Others also refer to it as a brightener. Even with different names, it is known as a touch of beauty. Many people invest in skin lightening because it makes you look fairer. It makes your skin look naturally healthy and beautiful. For special occasions, it also makes your skin a perfect canvas for makeup.

How Does it Work?

What makes these creams work? You may wonder why it comes in different colors, sizes, and prices. What makes one skin or face lightening cream different from the other? What should you look for when choosing the best cream for you? To answer all your questions, you need to understand how a lightening cream works first.

It makes your skin lighter by decreasing the amount of melanin in it. More melanin in your skin can actually darken it. This is a result of genetics, too much sun exposure, imbalance or changes in your hormones, and the use of skin products that have specific chemicals. Skin damages can also cause darkening.

Although these products are primarily used for cosmetic purposes, it is actually used to treat skin abnormalities as well. Professional studies are conducted for skin brightening as treatment, although this purpose is not yet popular among skincare aficionados. It is actually used for those who want to get rid of their freckles, dark spots, acne marks, age spots, skin discoloration, and to make birthmarks and scars less visible.

Whitening your skin naturally

Make an Informed Choice      

With pharmacies and grocery isles filled with different kinds of skin lightener, you need to make a wise decision as opposed to going through a trial-and-error process. Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing a bleaching cream for face or any kind of lightening product:

  • Read – Check the ingredients of the product. If you have special skin condition, make sure to check with your doctor first. If not, you can simply make sure that it does not contain possibly harmful chemicals. Steer clear from mercury, which may appear in the list of ingredients as calomel, mercurous, mercuric, or mercurio.

Another ingredient to be wary of is hydroquinone. Make sure it does not exceed 2%. Also, choose products that do not contain any steroids and artificial coloring.

  • Popular Natural Ingredients – For natural skin lightening, these are the healthy, natural ingredients that are usually used: Kojic acid, bearberry, lemon juice, mulberry, turmeric powder, whole milk, and liquorice.  You can even make your own skin lightening home remedies with these ingredients if you have the time.

Other healthy ingredients that you should look for are Vitamin E oil, Glycolic and Salicylic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, and Alpha Hydoxy Acid. These are the contents of the best skin whitening products. These are great antioxidants that can help get rid of skin impurities, reduce pigmentation for a lighter skin, make skin more elastic, moisturize skin, exfoliate it to get rid of dead cells, and vanish age spots.


You actually have different choices when it comes to skin whitening. It comes in different forms, colors, sizes and prices. Different studies were conducted to help identify ways on how to expedite and intensify the whitening process. Some of the most popular forms of whitening products are the whitening soap, body lotion, skin lightening cream, and cosmeceuticals.

  • Whitening soap – Whitening soaps are perhaps the most affordable whitening solutions. The problem is that you can only use them on the outer part of the skin. When you use it, you also rinse it so you cannot count on optimum effects. Some people attest on the effectiveness of their skin whitening soaps.

However, you have to remember that their effects are only to an extent. They don’t have long-term effects and don’t give you optimum whitening results. Still, these soaps are great for maintenance and for minor whitening needs.

  • Body lotion and lightening creams – Your skin absorbs these lotions and creams so you get better whitening results compared to soaps. Paired with less exposure to the sun and the use of sunscreen, you can get better results. Aside from the natural ingredients mentioned earlier, another popular natural ingredient is papaya. It is also exfoliates skin effectively.
  • Cosmeceuticals – Studies for these are still ongoing, so you need the assistance of an expert to determine if these work for you. Ensure that there are no complications, if you have other skin or internal organ issues, when planning to use these.

Taking care of your skin

Scar Lightening

Scars are unsightly and even though you cannot get rid of them completely, you can actually lighten them. Just make sure that you follow the directions that come with the whitening product. Apply the cream directly to your scar. Use it about twice a day until it lightens. Be patient as it does not produce your desired results overnight. Also, use sunscreen for protection.

These are the things that you have to remember when choosing the best lightening cream. It is your best ally to achieve a lighter skin.

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